Progressive Jackpot at UK online casinos

The one thing that every one who is playing slots at online casino sites in the United Kingdom love, is the progressive jackpots. This is because with these jackpots, you are really winning a lot of money. There are even some of these progressive jackpots that are going beyond a million pounds. And, everyone playing these slots machines is really hoping to win these jackpots. Useful source to find the greatest free spin online casinos from the United Kingdom. Here is everything that you need to know about this jackpots.

What are the progressive jackpot?

Progressive jackpot is using on some slot machines and video poker machines. These jackpots are normally increasing a small amount every time that someone is playing on one of the specific slot machine. And, when the progressive jackpot has been won, the amount resets again to a certain amount that the machine is programmed.

Normally there are a number of slot machines that are linked to each other to be able to win the progressive jackpot. This means that the jackpot is getting larger a lot quicker and the chance of winning this jackpot is also increasing.

Most popular progressive jackpots at online UK casinos

There is a few different progressive jackpots that you can play for when you are playing at online UK casinos. Some have a higher amount that you can win. And, normally these jackpots that are really high, is a bit more difficult to win. The progressive jackpots that are not as high, is normally the easier ones to win. Here are a couple of the most popular progressive jackpots at the online UK casinos:

  • Mega Moolah Mega
  • King Cash-a-lot
  • Major Millions
  • Beach Life
  • Gladiator

Playing on the slot machines and on the video poker machines that has a progressive jackpot, is always really fun to play. Not only do you have the normal winnings on the machine, but you will also have the possibility to win the progressive jackpot that is normally a lot of money. You can play the progressive jackpots at many different online UK casinos.

Monthly bonuses and free cash at Tower Casino

Tower Casino gives away points when its member place wagers – it’s all part of the casino’s loyalty program. Points are earned at different rates depending on what game you’re playing. Some games like slots earn points at 20%, which means for every $1 wagered, players get .2 points. Other games are not so valuable, like blackjack which earns at just 1%.

Points add up faster than you might imagine. Remember, earnings are based on how much is actually wagered, so even a small $20 deposit can turn into hundreds if spent wisely.

Once every month, all the comp points a player has accumulated are turned into casino cash. The exchange rate is 10 points for $1. At the end of the day this system doesn’t end up giving the average user much bonus cash, but it’s all automatic and easy to use, so it’s better than nothing!

Another regular bonus to look out for is the Monthly Bonuses, which give members a chance to get 25% up to $25 on their first deposit every month.

Tower Casino runs on Net Entertainment software as much more new casinos, and it’s 100% no-download casino, so netbook users get full access to everything that the site has to offer. Sign up today and enjoy a $100 welcome bonus, then start earning points as you explore the dozens of.